New all-season Premiorri Vimero-Van tyres have non-directional symmetrical design which contributes to better aquaplaning resistance and reduces a braking distance on wet roads.

The tread pattern design meets the characteristics of up-to-date tyres, namely:

  • Dynamic characteristics and low noise generation:
  • Minimum vibration and low rolling resistance;
  • Perfect combination of high milage and comfortable driving;
  • Fuel economy and safety on roads with different surfaces. 

Rigidity of tread is an important characteristic for tyre performance. Different rigidity of tyre elements is significant for M+S tyres.

Different size of grooves and elements of the tread pattern allows to resist the consequences of high speed driving, that is, increased noise level, discomfort and premature tyre wear. 

The Premiorri Vimero-Van tyres (marked M + S) are good to be used in autumn and spring, when roads are covered with mud or melted snow, they are also suitable for mild winter regions.